Jo (Yoga Teacher)

Hi my name is Jo, and I am a qualified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga instructor.

Yoga for me is all about the journey not the perfect pose and I always look at progression and not perfection in my practice and my students. It’s about getting messy on your mat, being yourself, accepting where you are in that present moment. We are all unique and every pose will look different on everybody, and I want my students to embrace that mindset which will promote mindfulness and a knowledge of your own body and practice.

Baptiste Power Yoga is a strong form of power yoga. It takes its name from Baron Baptiste who developed the style, which is also referred to as power Vinyasa yoga. The style of yoga developed by Baptiste is based on adaptation – finding what works for ordinary people and discarding those elements that do not. It is about yogis of varying ability modifying each posture and creating their own individual experience.

Being a Yoga student and teacher brings me so much, there is always something to learn about yourself that inevitably you will take off the mat and use in your everyday life. It creates kindness, calmness and a healthy strong body and mind, and it’s guaranteed to make you smile.