Personal Training

Our Personal Training involves High Intensity exercise to increase your heart rate and is performed in intervals. It consists of rounds of 10 minutes at a time which will involve arm and leg exercises to create the blood shunting effect around the body which is not only amazing for weight loss, but brilliant at improving cardiovascular capacity so you will start to feel fitter very quickly. This also creates the after burn effect meaning your metabolism remains high, and you are therefore burning calories, long after the exercise is completed. The main body of the workout is then followed by deep core work and stretching so a full body work out is achieved for all over conditioning and toning. The method is highly effective.

We use variety of equipment and exercises including weighted bags, kettlebells, weighted vests parallettes, boxing pad work, bungee cords, bodyweight and boxercise exercises!

The above is a guide to the method of training we use, but of course any programme is tailored to your own individual needs and nutrition help and advice is also provided as well as before and after photos if you wish to have them.

The exercises can be done by any age of any ability and are adaptable.

We currently run a special offer of 3, 1 hour starter sessions for £60 and the sessions would be £40 thereafter for 1 hour for 1 person.

Should you wish to train with a friend we offer 3, 1 hour taster sessions for £100 (£50 each) and £50 per 1 hour session thereafter (£25 per person).

If you would like 45 minute sessions after the taster workouts it is £30 per session and should you wish to do 30 minutes it is £20.